Magento Security

It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to finances.

Any shop on the internet is a potential subject to cyber-atacks. And if a site isn't well defended then money and sensitive information are at risk – the results may be devastating.

The Magento Security service includes analysis, evaluation, and termination of security risks of your eCommerce platform.

What does the service involve?

  • Security Audit — we’ll check for any available Magento & server vulnerabilities
  • Magento Upgrade — if your core version is outdated, we’ll bring it up-to-date
  • Patch Installation — we’ll install the latest security patches if some are not present


You can get the whole security package or order a separate item from the list:

  • Security Audit — 240 EUR

    A detailed log of vulnerabilities will be provided once the audit is done.
  • Magento Upgrade — starting from 200 EUR

    Depends on how outdated your Magento version is. You can get the precise quote by contacting us.
  • Patch installation — 45 EUR per every installed security patch

    The number of required security patches vary from one website to another.