Hire a Developer

Sometimes a website may need a lot of work in order to achieve perfection. A new site may need to be built from scratch, an old one may need to change its overall look and feel.

In such cases it is always better to have a skillful professional at your side to be coordinated by you in building the site exactly the way you see it.

Become the boss of one of our developers. All you need to do is to assign the task, and watch your will be done.

What does the service involve?

You get one of our developers fully under your control. This service is very convenient when:

  • You have a large project
  • You have a lot of work to do with your website
  • You like to keep everything under your control and coordination
  • You need a Magento specialist being available at any moment you may need him

The developer will be available via Skype, e-mail or issue tracking system. The work is remote only.


  • Rate β€” 37,50 EUR/hour.

    The specified rate already features a 25% discount from our standard work rate.
  • Work Schedule β€” 32 hour per week.

    The hired developer will be available on workdays from 9:00 till 18:00 GMT+3.
  • Minimal Hiring Period β€” 3 months.

    Which equals to 16 work days or 128 hours per month (48 working days or 384 hours total).