Extension Installation Services

Sometimes installing new features to Magento can give a headache to the unprepared. And if you wish to save yourself the time and trouble of installing an extension or even several of them, this is exactly what the service is for.

We offer installation services for every one of our extensions as well as 3rd party extensions and make sure that all encountered conflicts and problems will get resolved on the way.

Please keep in mind that even though we are always up to the challenge, 3rd party extension installation services should better be performed by their respective developers.

What does this service involve?

The service itself includes several tasks that are accomplished one by one:

  • The installation itself — just as the name suggests, we will take the installation into our own hands
  • Conflict resolution — if we encounter any extension conflicts in the process, we'll resolve them on the fly
  • Extension configuration — once everything is done we will configure the extension to work the way you need it
  • Recommendations — once an extension is installed, we’ll explain you the ropes of using its features


  • ET Web Solutions extensions — 50 EUR per extension.

    It usually takes from a half to one hour to install, resolve conflicts, and configure one extension.
  • 3rd party extensions — starting from 50 EUR per extension

    The time needed to install, resolve conflicts, and configure one extension, depends on the task's complexity.