Philips e-shop

  • Platform: Magento
  • The period of cooperation: since 2010
  • About the project: Official e-shop offers a large selection of Philips products to customers from Russia. Large project with a lot of additional features based on Magento EE.
Provided services: * Custom work for Magento websites
* Hire a developer
The main work done: backend development — development of gift features, reports. Integration with payment and delivery services. Business process integration for order and product processing workflows.
Andrey Mistulov, chief of development I would like to express my gratitude to the ET Web Solutions’ team for a longstanding and fruitful partnership. For the past few years the company has shown itself solely from its positive side, by masterfully accomplishing the most diverse and non-trivial tasks. It would be hard to imagine our Magento-based projects without the work of the studio.