Мир-Пряжи.рф e-shop

  • Platform: Magento
  • The period of cooperation: September 2014
  • About the project: E-shop selling yarn for knitting and products for handiwork
Provided services: * Custom work for Magento websites
The main work done: backend development — new product type that allows selling products in different units at the same time (pieces, packages, liters, etc.). Different prices for pieces and packages of the same product.
Alexander Mironov, project co-owner I’ve met Yury “NIRO” Nikolayev at a Magento forum. Well, most Russian programmers and Magento users are familiar with him or with his Magento Russian language pack.

A highly responsible and clever man, but the most important part is that I am able to speak with him without any translator for him to understand me, irrelevant of how complicated my ideas may sound.

There are so few both talented, and most importantly, honest developers out there. But Yury and his team are exactly that. They have managed to accomplish that which others could not — a very complex extension that changes Magento’s logic and allows to sell products in different units and prices at the same time. They’ve also helped me to integrate it into the theme itself even, though it wasn’t part of the initial task.

I've received fast and clear answers and advises to every question I’ve asked. It was a pleasure working with them, and to be honest, I will continue doing so in the future.