Avelly floristics e-shop

  • Platform: Magento
  • The period of cooperation: since November 2014
  • About the project: Ceramic floristics' products. Large selection of materials for creativity.
Provided services: * Magento upgrade
* Custom work for Magento websites
The main work done: frontend development — responsive Magento theme development based on provided layouts.
backend development — Bug fixes. New features. Help with hosting and mail server configuration.

Magento CE core upgrade from to 1.9.x
Anna Korshunova, project manager When we were starting this project in 2012, we were told that the Magento platform would be the best choice, and after reading some reviews about it, we were convinced that it really is. However, our local developers which were responsible for our website, made the e-shop quite raw and weren't able to provide support for it any longer. Since then our struggles had begun due to the lack of professionals in Russia which use Magento. We liked the site management options and other platform features, so we had to look for developers from other countries.
By sheer luck we found a team of professionals from ET Web Solutions. At first we’ve had small tasks like customizing the website and fixing flaws of the previous developers. I’ve liked the fact that these guys are doing any work great. If you’re experiencing any technical difficulties, then the manager Yury, or the assigned developer will plainly explain you the issue. In addition to their professionalism and honesty, these guys are initiative and approachable. They will always propose the best solution, and find a similar project to show you an example. I had the impression that they are a part of our team — that they are interested in the project, that they care for it. I am very happy that the we made the new website with the help of ET Web solutions.