About us

ET Web Solutions’ main line of work is developing,
launching and supporting projects based on Magento Commerce.

We offer high quality Magento extensions, a professional attitude to work, and many years of experience in web technologies to help make our customers' online business more effective, as well as full technical support for everyone of our paid and free extensions.

Besides extension development and support, our customers are able to order custom solutions, audits, or even hire one of our developers. In other words –
if it’s a Magento, we can help!

All of our work is dedicated to providing
the best results to our customers, based on these core principles:

  • Keep your friends close

    We are always there when you need us, with ideas that work.
    We cherish a long-standing fruitful partnership over a one-time opportunity.

  • A company is known by the people it keeps

    Though our numbers are few, experience and cohesion is what counts here.
    We are certain that each of us will do our best to deliver you the best possible results.

  • More effort spent today, means less time lost tomorrow

    It is always better to deliver the best possible result, than to make people seek new solutions later.
    We provide long-lasting ideas to our customers, saving their time and money.

Our Team

  • Yury Nikolaev
    • Project Manager since year 2003
    • Magento project manager since year 2008
    Yury Nikolaev
    Project Manager
  • Alexey Yerofeyev
    • PHP developer since year 2005
    • Magento developer since year 2008
    Alexey Yerofeyev
    Senior developer
  • Andrejs Krotovs
    • PHP developer since year 2000
    • Magento developer since year 2010
    Andrejs Krotovs
    Senior developer
  • Vadim Buchinsky
    • PHP developer since year 2010
    • Frontend developer since year 2012
    • Magento developer since year 2013
    Vadim Buchinsky
    Developer / Frontend developer
  • Dmitry Brujev
    • PHP developer since year 2012
    • Magento developer since year 2015
    Dmitry Brujev
    Junior developer
  • Alexei Narizhny
    • Support Engineer since year 2011
    • Project Manager since year 2016
    Alexei Narizhny
    Project Manager / Support Engineer